June rocks Energia Park

By Paul Carton

Walk up, dance home this June when Donnybrook Stadium plays host to a collection of music acts, which include genres of punk and psychedelic rock.

The newly-named Energia Park will open its doors this summer to ‘Mercury Rev’, ‘Future Islands’ and the ‘Idles’ on the 17th of June, which falls on the Sunday, a day of rest. Well they do say there is no rest for the wicked and the Sunday addition ‘Idles’ are to prise that out of you. Idles are a British punk band that are a cross between The Prodigy and The Sex Pistols. If you think you don’t have the stamina for an up-close experience of this, then I advise finding a nice seat somewhere at the back.

The variety of music on the day will have you up and down, which is always a good thing as the doors open at 2pm. There is music here from Mercury Rev to allow you some chill-out time after headbangers Idles and then after that hypnotic journey you might be inclined to get back up again and move to Future Islands, a synth-pop band from North Carolina, whose backing tracks sound like a revamped Flock of Seagulls, in a good way.

Properly handled gigs like this could be a thrilling experience, but without proper controls in the area, Donnybrook could be the site for a donnybrook. Tickets for the day are €63 and are available through tickemaster.ie.