Locals plan for Paratriathlon

Relaxing in the Bath

Donnacha McCarthy and Dave Tilly relaxed at the Bath Pub after taking part in the bar’s annual cycle for charity last Saturday, June 16th.

“We’ve just done our first track race as well during the week. We ran the mile and 800 metres on the track at Trinity college” explained Dave Tilly, while kicking back at the famous Sandymount watering hole. Donnacha, who is sight impaired, added that “Our next competition in three weeks time is in Fyn, Denmark.” That’s a Duathlon, with a 10k run, 40k cycle, and another 5k run.

“After that we travel to Magog in Canada for a triathlon on July 4th.” Both are so used to cycling, running and swimming in tandem, something that is also evident during an interview where one completes the sentence the other has started. The triathlon in Canada is the more important of the two, because it can bring important points they need to qualify for other races later in the year.

By: Kathrin Kobus