Water restrictions in Dublin 4

By Paul Carton

Irish Water have announced that a water restriction will be put in place in Dublin 4 in the areas of Sandymount, Donnybrook, Ringsend, and Ballsbridge  as Met Éireann report an ‘absolute drought’ across the country and mostly dry weather with only the odd shower spell forecasted for the foreseeable future . The restriction will begin tonight from 10pm until 5am with no end date in sight. Residents in these locations will see a reduction in the pressure but no loss of supply. Irish Water say supply to some customers on high ground may reduce to a trickle at the kitchen sink during those periods and also that their customers in multi-storey buildings may experience low night-time pressures depending on their building pumping and storage system. This restriction is also in addition to the hosepipe ban that is currently in place which prohibits clean water used for watering the garden,cleaning your vehicle and filling up your paddling pool straight from the hose. Met Eireann have recently reported that rainfall in Ireland at present is 5% of normal figures.