EU to decide on time amendments

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By Kathrin Kobus

In about eight weeks time daylight saving time will end and winter time will begin. It is supposed that this will be one of the last times these changes will be in effect after the majority of EU citizens who filled in the questionnaire of whether to keep the change favoured against it. Out of the 4.6 million people who filled in the questionnaire; 80% want to get rid of the summertime switch altogether. Today on German breakfast televison the president of the EU commission Jean Claud Juncker said “he would put the plan to a debate among EU commissioners.. We will decide that today. Millions … believe that summertime should be all the time.”

We are not quite there yet. This October we will all still get one hour back when the clocks go back. Any EU wide directive will have to be approved by national governments and the European parliament. But soon the bi-annual switch might be resigned to history.