New Shoes From an Old Hand

By Beibhinn Byrne

Ahead of the Nations Cup today at the RDS Dublin Horseshow. NewsFour went behind the scenes to interview local man and 6th generation blacksmith John Boyne. John is a master farrier and has been shoeing horses at the world-famous show, every year for the last 36 years, like his father before him and a long line of predecessors before his father.

Over the week, he is on hand every day to attend to all manner of horses from show ponies and working hunters to the elite and staggeringly valuable international showjumpers (the horses, not their owners!) that compete over the week.
The most famous of which is the Nations Cup, the Grand Prix and Puissance  We caught up with him, tucked away in Duggan’s barn in the far right-hand corner of the Simmonscourt grounds. Behind the glitz and glamour of well-groomed horses, competitors and visitors enjoying themselves, the aproned farrier was busy doing the vital and unseen work of treating, repairing and shodding hooves and forging new horseshoes. We were very lucky to see him work on an International showjumper that will be part of the French team in the Nations Cup today.