The Spiritual Source Connecting with your inner child

By Eoin Meegan

Photos courtesy of Judith McAdam.

Judith McAdam is a Reiki healer, kinesiologist and theologian, whose new book The Source charts her own spiritual journey, as well as laying a path for anyone who wishes to achieve greater freedom in their lives.

“Everything is energy,” Judith says, “if you can feel it you can create it, you just need to be able to conjure up a feeling that matches what you want in life and go from there. Whatever you want you conceive in the womb of your mind, and provided you don’t obstruct it with fear, eventually it will be borne out.”

We are creating our reality all the time, she claims, but we are doing it haphazardly because we do not know how to effectively communicate with our subconscious mind. To do so, we need to talk to it in a language it understands.

She said there are three critical ways to connect with your subconscious mind. These are: imagery, feeling and creating a bond with your inner child.

In the case of imagery, Judith uses the metaphor of the kite. It was one I was particularly drawn to, so it was the first thing I asked her about.

She explains: “A kite is something that is up in the air, but you are the one holding the strings. Some of these kites are away up in the stratosphere while others are right in front of your face but these you do not always see. However, in order to get to the really big kites we sometimes need to pay attention to the ones in front of us. Then all you have to do is bring them to the ground.”

For someone like me who has always struggled with setting goals and New Age jargon this somehow made perfect sense. 

The next way to communicate with the subconscious is by feelings and we do this by recognising our sensitivity. Judith continues, “people with a lot of sensitivity are open and curious, and they tend to give of themselves generously and wisely. But when sensitivity is channelled in the wrong way it can ferment resentment and feelings of disappointment.”

It’s a subtle difference but one Judith feels is important. “When sensitivity becomes self absorbed and turned inward, people start to worry about money and not having power. The subconscious loves loops. It creates loops around everything, and it’s all about what we loop with. So if you create a positive loop to something, you reinforce this and create momentum around it. But unfortunately people reinforce loops to old worn-out thinking instead.”

Remember the subconscious doesn’t care whether you create a loop to a positive or negative thing “in the same way water doesn’t care if you use it to bathe in or drown in.”

I like her analogy.

What about when we get the feeling of being stuck, of not being able to move on? I ask.

“If there is something that you want to create in your life and it hasn’t come yet, this is the thing you have the most blocks about. This is like when your kites are jammed or all tangled up. But remember you’re the one holding the string, so you can still unravel the knots and draw them down one at a time.”

Your inner child is Judith’s way of describing the subconscious mind. We all have an inner child who is in some way wounded and who goes with us everywhere.

This inner child wants to keep you safe. It’s actually looking after you. So, if it was unsafe for you to speak your mind or push yourself forward as a child, then your inner child will develop strategies to ensure you do not get too much exposure.

This is especially so if there was shame around a particular issue. There may be a reluctance to move forward because of fear of experiencing that shame again.

For example, suppose a new promotion arose at work which you know you’re qualified to do, but you don’t put yourself forward even though the extra money would come in handy. Why not?

At a subconscious level you are still using the coping mechanisms that were appropriate and right for the eight-year-old child, but which are not only inappropriate now but even perilous to the adult. It may have been necessary for you to hide at one time and remain silent, but this is not serving you anymore. While the original event is now long forgotten, the feelings, or degree of sensitivity which accompanied it, remain.

Judith claims we are the offspring of Source energy. “Source energy uses your gifts to make itself known in the world. If you’re holding yourself back  though fear, then your gifts can’t be seen.”

Any negativity or upsets in your life, and this includes illness, is really your inner child trying to communicate with you. We need to integrate this wounded part of ourselves again. Judith has a special meditation to help you get in touch with your inner child, which is free to download on her website.

Before the interview ended, Judith had me do a demonstration to get in touch with my inner child. I lay down on the couch and she chanted in some strange language and I visualised myself walking through what seemed like an ancient forest. I came to an opening where there was a campfire burning. I could see people sitting around it but they were more like shadows.

Next thing an elderly man approached me. I thought for a moment he might be an older version of me, but I’m not sure. He placed a hand on my forehead and I felt a great heat pass through me, which was very pleasant. He told me he was the Advocate and that I needed to grow my power. Next thing, I could hear Judith calling me back. Apparently, she had been calling for quite some time!

Remember you hold the kite. You can bring all your dreams down to earth.

You can contact Judith at or 087 746 3533 or read The Source available at all good bookshops & libraries. Judith charges €100 for the first session, and €80 subsequently. Generally people come for four to six weeks. Her workshops are €120.