What to expect at the craft beer fair in the convention centre

DUBLIN : 15/3/2019 : Pictured was Davy Uprichard at the Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fair held in the Convention Centre Dublin running from 14th – 16th March. Picture Conor McCabe Photography.

Farmers, crop experts, brewers, distillers, marketers and bar staff, basically everyone that is involved in bringing beverages to you are available to chat this weekend at the Alltech Craft Beers & Food Fair in the convention centre. Speaking with the attendees at this fair it seems any brexit concerns revolved around the extra cost that might be incurred on importing speciality beers from the UK. Any attempt to converse about anything else other than beer at this festival is short lived. The expert brewers and distillers here love nothing more than talking about their trade, buying ingredients and how their creations came about. This should not put one off from talking to them as it is all part of the experience that has come with the craft beer trade. 

Ahead of the majority of the general public turning up this weekend, the awards were given last night to give you some guide in the best to offer at the festival. The outright winner at the fair was a German brewery called CREW Republic for their ‘Rest in Peace’ barley wine. The best in Ireland went to Leitrim brewery Lough Gill for their Barrel Aged Dark Sunset Imperial Oatmeal Stout. The Dublin Craft Cider Cup went to Tempted Cider for its ‘Tempted Strawberry Cider’.

Recommendations: Head over to the Evolution Brewery for their pale ale – Hazy American which won a Gold Medal in that category. This brewery has only been in existence since January and has yet to start distribution but yet they took a lot of medals at this fair this year in specialised categories. Definitely worth a look.

By Paul Carton

Online Editor