Local Used Uniforms Pop-Up Saves Money and the Planet

Image courtesy Railway Union

Eco-Friendly Uniforms & Sports Gear is a Social Enterprise in Sandymount selling local used uniforms and sports gear in a pop-up shop at Railway Union from 10.00am – 3.00pm on Saturdays during the summer. It is a not-for-profit initiative with items priced to cover associated costs.
Set up by Melissa Jones, the aim of the pop-up is to reduce textile waste, thereby reducing carbon emissions while at the same time providing affordable uniforms and sports gear. The production of textiles is responsible for 10% percent of annual global carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined.  In particular, cotton production is thirsty work, with one cotton shirt consuming 2,700 litres. Additionally, cotton farming uses high quantities of insecticides and pesticides and has resulted in the pollution and depletion of fresh water sources throughout the world.  
Although we all love to buy new (clothes) – this results in mountains of wasted resources in the form of discarded used items that are often still in excellent condition. Unsold clothes donated to charity shops are sent for recycling at approximately 39 cent per kilo. This equates to a school jumper costing €35 – €50 new, being sold for 20 cent once worn and then converted into rags, instead of its life being extended. Re-using textiles is a far better use of the virgin materials and distribution costs associated with new clothes than recycling.
We are encouraging parents to think twice before buying new. Uniforms and sports gear currently in stock include Star of the Sea, Lakelands, St Christopher’s, St Conleth’s, Blackrock College, St Michael’s, Railway Union, Lansdowne Rugby Club and Clanna Gael Fontenoy. Donations from schools and clubs in the Dublin 4 area are still being accepted on Saturdays at Railway Union.  By buying less and re-using what we have, Eco-Friendly Uniforms is hoping to drive a behavioural shift that will reduce over-production and waste.
Find us on Instagram @eco.friendly.uniforms