5 Questions with John Loughran Holiday Edition

We sat down with Sandymount Hotel’s John Loughran to find out how Christmas at Sandymount Hotel has changed over the years.

What does the holiday season mean to you?
The most important aspect of Christmas is spending time with family. One of my grandchildren has a birthday 24th, and one December 27th, so we double up on celebrations.

What was the first Christmas you remember spending at Sandymount Hotel?
The first Christmas I remember was pretending to be asleep in my bunk bed, watching Santa leave the gifts in my room!!!

Did you spend Christmas here often and how did that tradition change over the years?
As my siblings and I lived and grew up in the hotel, all our Christmases were spent here. Originally, we had Christmas dinner with live in staff who had no alternative. Nowadays, we rarely provide staff accommodation, so it is just family.

What was your favourite Christmas at the hotel?
When my children were young, the hotel opened at Christmas and was very busy. To spend time with my family, we all moved out of our home to the hotel. My children were always excited, and it felt like a holiday to them.

Every year Sandymount Hotel decorates Gingerbread Houses etc.
It was my son, Gerard, who had the original idea of a Gingerbread village. Even in an affluent area like Sandymount, there are many who struggle and need the support of St. Vincent de Paul. We feel it is the duty of everyone in the community to do what they can to help.