Dublin City Council begins city wide upgrade of Public Lighting infrastructure

Dublin City Council would like to announce that it has begun work on upgrading the city’s public lighting infrastructure, in partnership with Le Chéile Lighting Specialists.

The project, which has been many years in development, is key for the council in its effort to realise its energy reduction and climate action goals and will take in the order of eight years to complete.

The completed project will yield in the order of 50% energy reduction from the baseline, resulting in a saving of 9GWh of electricity or 2,500 tonnes in CO2, annually. Once the project is completed, the city’s 47,000 public lighting lanterns will be of LED technology and managed by a computerised system known as a central management system.

Turning on the Lights: Dublin Lord Mayor Caroline Conroy with Noel O’Rourke,
Le Chéile Lighting Specialist. (Photo: Damien Eagers Photography)

The commencement of works follows the successful progression of several months of design and materials procurement activities.

Project Summary

The Public Lighting Upgrade Project involves:
• Replacing up to 40,000 luminaires with energy efficient LED equivalents;
• Replacing up to 4,000 lighting columns;
• Replacing significant amounts of public lighting legacy cabling, including ducting;
• Replacing up to 130 columns/luminaires with Heritage Columns/LED luminaires to enhance and improve the Public Realm;
• Providing a Central Management System (CMS) to remotely monitor, control and manage all Street Lights;

The project will involve works on Functional, Heritage and Contemporary Lighting installations on a broad spectrum of lighting infrastructure in different areas of Dublin City.

This includes, luminaires on the City Council’s assets, luminaires on ESB Network assets, wall mounted luminaires, high mast luminaires, lighting on bridges, the City Council’s housing complexes, parks, villages and lighting along the canals.