Easy like Sunday Painting

Paint & Prosecco at the Bath

By Louise Whelan

When you mix a bit of creativity with a blend of mindfulness and add a pop of the bubbly stuff, you get Paint & Prosecco!

Born on Instagram in the Summer of 2018, it is the brainchild of Kate Buckley Nolan, with the aim to help people relax and unwind during a mindful art experience.  This business concept has grown so much in popularity over the years and these pop up workshops have had massive success all across the country as well as private and corporate work team events, birthdays, hen parties, group bookings, classes, paint at home kits or just something different to do with friends. Paint & Prosecco is a great way to connect through art and as there is no experience needed, you just relax, paint and sip on a glass of Prosecco or a drink of your choice.

The Bath Pub on a sunny Sunday afternoon was the perfect venue to have an hour and a half painting session al fresco.  With their background music playing a chillout lounge playlist and two free drinks tokens for everyone, it was all prepped for budding artists alike. The space was set up and ready to go by Megan Lyone and Delia McCarthy, who were the hosts for the duration and all the materials required like easels, canvases, assorted colours of paint, water, brushes, sketching pencils and aprons were all organised beforehand, plus a mini bag of Haribo jellies on everyone’s area for the win!

Our fabulous hosts, Megan Lyone and Delia McCarthy

The picture that was picked for the session to emulate in your own painting style was of a bathtub in front of an open window with the curtains blowing and the sea outside so it gave off very Mediterranean relaxing vibes already before anyone even picked up a brush, and added a nice touch to the pub’s name. 

Megan went through a detailed step by step tutorial on how to get started, what brushes to use, different techniques, and Delia was on hand if anyone needed extra paint or advice on mixing colours so everyone could begin with the confidence of understanding and focusing on creating their unique masterpiece. 

One of the completed Paintings

Everyone had their own style, their own flair for colour and the time just floated by as the group immersed themselves into a bubble of tranquillity of being lost in the moment and that is what these painting workshops are all about. Nobody needed to be on their phone, they were completely engaged and present in what they were doing. Mental health and wellbeing is an integral part of living a healthy and happier life so being involved in art activities can have a calming effect on our mind and body, boost morale, confidence, energy levels and happiness, thus boosting our mental health. And we need more of that in this busy world. 

Special prize painting

When the session was finished, everybody lifted up their canvas to show the group and it was all laughs and craic as drinks were poured, photos were taken and the proud feeling of producing something from an empty blank canvas into a colourful wash of art to take home had everyone beaming. Well done to the winner of the mini glitter prosecco bottle, chosen by Delia for their quirky painting. 

Thanks to The Bath Pub staff for looking after everyone so well and keeping us topped up in the hot sunshine. 

Paint & Prosecco can be found on Instagram and on their website so definitely keep updated for upcoming events and get booking for a brilliant range of workshops to suit all ages and abilities.

Remember, every canvas is a journey all on its own – Helen Frankenthaler.