Fitzgerald strikes gold again in third book in Ashley Brown series

By Niamh Byrne

Frankie’s Little Miss Madser is the third book published in the Ashley Brown’s series. The book which is the sequel to The Promise Maker is written by author George Fitzgerald. 

The book which is set in mid 20th century Ireland is based mainly around the characters Ash and Frankie. Frankie who was born in New York in 1930, was reared in Dublin and figures out his father, Paddy, is not his biological father. Frankie is a tenement kid and still lives there as an adult so can get caught up in that world a lot. Ash, who is introduced to Frankie through a speaker in her college (Pitbull), wants to embark on a journey to New York after figuring out Paddy Smith is not Frankie’s biological father. Ash who now has a family and husband of her own has been wanting to figure out the secrets behind Frankie’s family but never got the push to do it till now. Because she now has responsibilities, her husband Dean doesn’t want her to leave. 

The book splits into Frankie’s perspective and you see him going into Paddy’s apartment just after Paddy died. You are then introduced to Rosie who is the inspiration of the title of the book Frankie’s Little Miss Madser.  Frankie has known Rosie since they were kids and grew up together. We see the story of how Rosie and Frankie fall in love and where they are now. Rosie ends up being quite a main character by the end of the book, and a character who adds a lot to the book.

Other characters we are introduced to are Whacker and Slasher. Whacker and Slasher are lads Frankie knows from around the area who are never up to any good. Whacker is convinced Paddy was pushed off the roof the night he died. Frankie thinks Whacker wants revenge on whoever’s done it. Whacker has a job for Slasher and Frankie involving robbing someone rich, which Frankie isn’t sure he wants to take part in.Frankie’s Little Miss Madser is a very easy read with amazing characters who you find yourself getting attached to. If you’re looking for a good read, this book is ideal and is very relatable for older generations. It is available to download on Amazon at no cost! His other books The Promise Maker, and The Secret Life of Ashley Brown are also available for free on Amazon.