A Sport for All Ages and Abilities on your Doorstep in Dublin 4

Now that April has arrived, the members at Railway Union Bowling Club, on Park Avenue in Sandymount are eagerly anticipating another enjoyable season. 

Bowling has already commenced as the players practice their skills on the bowling green for the season ahead.  Many will be looking forward to playing lawn bowls in competitive matches against other clubs. Others are simply content to play for fun and enjoy a social game of bowls with family members or friends, to keep fit and healthy. 

Frieda Skelly, who started playing bowls in 2023 says:-

“I was attracted to bowling at Railway Union because the sport involves  people of all ages and all abilities and is a wonderful way to meet new people. It is an inclusive sport, in an inclusive and welcoming club that has been catering for football, rugby, tennis, hockey and cricket, in addition to bowls, since it was founded in 1904. It is hard to imagine that I feel part of the history of  Railway Union – where many club members have won representative honours  at international and provincial level in those one hundred and twenty years. I have been told that the Bowling Club is the second oldest in Dublin and one of the five founding member clubs of the Bowling League of Ireland. I have found bowls to be  a great way for people to develop their skills, coordination, and improve their mental and physical fitness. It is a sport for all, regardless of age, sex, or physical ability. I do not think people realise how much walking you do until you actually play the sport.”

Richard Ward, who has been playing bowls at Railway Union since 2022, says:- 

“One of the best things about bowls is the fact you can learn how to play at your first attempt.  Mastery can, of course, take years, but playing at a decent, competitive level can be achieved in a very short space of time.” 

In Railway Union, bowls can be treated as both a competitive sport, and as a fun social activity. It all depends on what your preference is.  Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen an increase in membership as people have been keen to pursue more outdoor activities. However, we would still like to see more people from the Dublin 4 area, and beyond,  joining in with us. They will all be made very welcome.  Bowls is an ideal sport for people who have retired from other sports, who would like to remain active and fit. Retired people, with more time on their hands, are another group that playing bowls would find as an attractive option. Full details may be found elsewhere in this edition of NewsFour for all those interested in coming along to Park Avenue to join us. The contact number is: 089 249 0958.

Throughout the summer, groups from the local business community or teams from other sports are particularly welcome to come and hire the bowling green at Railway Union for an evening of social bowling. All the playing equipment that you need will be provided. The only requirement for a ‘Beer and Bowls Evening’ is that all participants wear flat-heeled footwear.