This is Poolbeg

Now to become the subject of an historic video documentary

By Louise Whelan

Poolbeg Lighthouse, Dublin Port. Creator Christine Linsdell. ©2015 Robert David Linsdell

We should all be familiar with the iconic, classic red Poolbeg Lighthouse at the mouth of the River Liffey and located on the Great South Wall (because the walk is a trek and a half!~approx 11km) But it is a beloved landmark in our area of Ringsend, Irishtown and Sandymount that dates back to 1767 and still remains one of the longest sea-walls in Europe.  The lighthouse, automated for many years, is managed by Dublin Port Company. 

Its dreamy backdrop with its fresh sea breeze and amazing picturesque views of Dublin Bay has tourists flocking to it all the time and most of us were thrown down there for the communion and confirmation pics over the years, but it does make for a brilliant stroll that’ll definitely blow away the cobwebs and make you feel light, refreshed and invigorated.  Just don’t go down for a selfie when there’s a wind or a storm or you’ll be blown into the sea.

Dylan Clayton

Local man Dylan Clayton, director of Ringsend Rockschool and innovator of Ricc Radio is adding a new string to his bow by producing a video documentary about this renowned piece of history.  The radio station has a very stable base at the moment so Dylan has the capabilities to undertake this new project and there’s no better place for a Ringsender to start than this legendary popular spot which is a stalwart of the community.  Dylan knows the area and environment so well, whether he’s walking his dog Stevie, or taking photographs, he’s now using his talents and skills to branch out and take on his first full length video documentary which will highlight the affinity that people have with the lighthouse.

Dylan is well accomplished in this line of work and has slowly built up his armoury over the years. He’s already made a few video ads for local groups, such as Cambridge Football Club and Titanium Stage School and has been a videographer for weddings, he uses a drone for aerial footage for events and celebrations, he also wrote and produced a song with a video during covid with the Rockschool. This project, however, is a new fully detailed documentary that Dylan has taken on, on his own terms with the help of sound engineer Adam McNamara and aiding him with all the research, Lonneke Schutte. 

Dylan has also interviewed a couple of the local maritime/nautical men that would have specialist knowledge of the lighthouse and the wall. Men like Jimmy Murray and Richie Saunders who have a vast array of information from years on the sea and know the local heritage of the area so well. Historians from Dublin Port have also added in their wisdom and insight into the topic of how the wall was built and all the backstory that goes along with it. The foghorn in the lighthouse, and the science behind that, is particularly fascinating along with many, many little nuggets of data and facts.  This video documentary will cover all this and more, and Dylan has put so much into showcasing the lighthouse as a symbol and a unique entity of the area.

The Poolbeg Lighthouse is not just for long walks and joggers.  This beautiful piece of land also brings out the hobbies in people. Fishing, windsurfing, swimming, bird watching, photography and even artists go down to paint the landscape, can all be found down here just switching off from the busy, bustling world and simply living in the moment.  And how lucky we all are having that escape on the doorstep. 

Photo: Dylan Clayton

This will be a first in a series of local video documentaries from Ricc Radio productions and Dylan will be organising a movie premiere launch of the Poolbeg Lighthouse in Ringsend and Irishtown Community Centre on Thursday May 2nd (time to be announced) where it will be shown to the public for the very first time.  Dylan is already thinking ahead to his next feature as he feels this is the opportune moment to use all the resources he has along with time, energy and effort to give his utmost dedication in producing a whole line of different landmarks to be researched in the locality that he feels very strongly and passionate about.  

If you would like to get in touch with Dylan about any bit of history or information about the Poolbeg Lighthouse, then please email