Historical Irish Oddities

By Eoin Meegan Historical Irish Oddities by Allen Foster is a delightful romp through the quirkiness and eccentricities that lie behind the ordinary and seemingly banal. The subtitle of the book is “A Compendium of Extraordinary but True Tales.” Though […]

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Censored to citywide: The Country Girls Trilogy

By Geneva Pattison This April will see the return of the Dublin One City One Book programme. The Dublin City Library-led programme encourages the public to read a book during the month of April that has a connection with our […]

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The Doctor Who Sat for a Year

By Eoin Meegan Mindfulness is a popular topic at present, and in “The Doctor Who Sat for a Year”, Brendan Kelly takes a unique approach when he sets out to document his decision to meditate for fifteen minutes every day […]

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