Print Editor:

Beibhinn Byrne

Music savage, recovered Vogue addict, lover of difficult novels and poetry, political junkie, dancer, talker, walker, foodie, nature enthusiast, yogi – I’m allergic to being pigeon holed by the potted bio, for like Walt Whitman, I contain multitudes. Don’t we all? And it is this that I love about journalism, the myriad-mindedness of the job. The diversity of people we meet – their experiences, stories, circumstances and situations. I believe in its power of communication and community. Local news strengthens communities and strong communities strengthen democracy. I’ve worked as a freelance journalist and editor for many years across print, radio and television as well as founding and running The SuperNatural Food Market, the local organic market on Pearse St. Born with a pen in my hand, I’m happiest in the middle of it all.