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The Positive Habit

By Eoin Meegan The Positive Habit is a self help book with a difference. Built around six emotional states – love, calmness, confidence, gratitude, hope and happiness – which the author, therapist Fiona Brennan has identified as being crucial to […]

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Maud Gonne’s Men by Anthony J. Jordan

By David Prendeville Sandymount local Anthony J. Jordan’s new book Maud Gonne’s Men is an insightful and precisely written piece. It gives an account of the various relationships Maud Gonne had with men over her life, from Thomas Gonne, her […]

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De Valera Volume 2 Rule 1932-1975

By David Prendeville This exhaustively-researched book covers Éamon De Valera’s life from 1932 to 1975. It follows on from author David McCullagh’s first volume, which covered De Valera from 1882 to 1932. The book is rich in detail and paints […]

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