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The SuperNatural Food Market

I always feel that September is the real New Year. After the more laissez-faire summer, the change in the air ushers in a more purposeful feeling and a cohesiveness after a season of unbuckling. Post sunshine and rest, there is renewal […]

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Fast food with a boost

By SuperNatural Food Market A recent survey found almost half of Irish consumers want to add more plant-based food and drink into their diets over the next year. Plant-based foods offer a variety of nutritional benefits, from macro essentials such as protein, […]

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Spring is for lovers SuperNatural Food Market

Nigel Slater the cook and food writer has a wonderful book call The Kitchen Diaries, a year-long account of his shopping, cooking and eating on almost every day of one year. Week by week, month by month, season by season […]

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