Climate change talk in St Mary’s church on Haddington Road this Thursday

Lecture in St. Mary’s Church HADDINGTON ROAD

The Patrick Finn Lecture Series


Climate Change: Care for Our Common Home

This lecture will put the Encyclical in the context of global and local concerns and initiatives, and explore practical issues that arise in thinking about climate change

Lecture by: Prof. John FitzGerald Thursday 7th March at 7.15 p.m.

Pope Francis in his Encyclical “Laudato Si” in 2015 speaks of the urgent need to “Care for Our Common Home.” Climate change is an enormous challenge to humanity, sharing as we do a Common Home on Earth. He calls for a new path of sustainable development and good stewardship of the environment, respectful of the gift of creation.

John FitzGerald is the chair of Ireland’s Climate Change Advisory Council, established to advise the government on how best to de-carbonise Irish Society by 2050. He is a former research professor at the Economic and Social Research Institute, and a member of the Commission of the Central Bank of Ireland.