Face Masks Challenging for Hard of Hearing

BY editor

With a number of people going out and about again wearing recommended face masks (mandatory on public transport since 29th of June) this constitutes a challenge for the needs of hearing impaired people.

“The use of face masks and screens in retail outlets and in public places, like GPs’ surgeries, makes life difficult, on account of the muffled sound effect,” says Dolores Madden, audiologist & Marketing Director at Hidden Hearing.

Therefore the Irish hearing healthcare specialists, Hidden Hearing have launched a special campaign.  

Picture shows Donna Faulkner, Clinic coordinator.

Under the hashtag #Please Speak Up they provide free lapel badges for people who are hard of hearing to wear, so that those they meet in public, and particularly in stores, will understand their difficulty.

 The badges are available by emailing info@hiddenhearing.ie . The lapel badges will be posted free of charge. 

 They are also offered to clients who are attending clinic appointments. 

Picture shows Zoryana Greskiv, Audiologist with Hidden Hearing customer. JULIEN BEHAL PHOTOGRAPHY

Applicants do not need to be an existing Hidden Hearing customer.  

GPs can also request stock of badges for patients they feel would benefit. 

Further Information is available on www.hiddenhearing.ie.