New Dublin 4E Postcode for Ringsend and Irishtown

Are you Dublin 4E or Dublin R? Pic: Wikimedia Commons

Are you Dublin 4E or Dublin R?
Pic: Wikimedia Commons

An Post have announced a new “Dublin 4E” postcode demarcation for the Ringsend and Irishtown areas.

The measure comes into force with regard to the new Eircode postcode markings system. Eircode identifies every household in the country with a unique postcode number.

The new Dublin 4E postcode is applicable from today. Ringsend and Irishtown will end its 98-year historical association with Dublin 4 and enter the new era of the “E”.

In more revelations it has emerged that certain Donnybrook residents lobbied Eircode for the new Ringsend and Irishtown 4E postcode to be created. One Ailesbury Road resident was caught remarking at the press conference announcement that “we’re going to make a roight lot of cash out of this, Bradley”, no doubt referring to more property price rises.

Some Ringsend residents were not too happy with the changes, with one local forcefully stating that this was a perfect opportunity for a “Dublin R” and that they wouldn’t be paying the charges. When reminded that there will be no charges for this new code, protester Carrie Oakey informed NewsFour, “oh yeah, so you think stamps are free then?”

The 4E move mirrors the Dublin 6W measure in the Terenure and Kimmage areas which sought to resist their inclusion in Dublin 12 zone. Although these residents wanted to stay in that particular zone, an attempt to kick a region “out” of a postcode has never been successfully completed until now, although Clontarf came close to removing East Wall from Dublin 3 in ’77.

It is thought there will be a march to protest the new move. The Gardaí have informed NewsFour that there will probably be two marches. One march will protest against the changes, while another group will protest the missed opportunity for a Dublin R code. The two marches will have to be kept apart due the risk of throwing letters at each other. It will be a tough day for the new recruits of Irishtown Gardaí.

By Ferg Hayden