Poolbeg Chimneys have Fallen Down

Poolbeg view this morning without chimneys. Pic: Ross Waldron

Poolbeg view this morning without chimneys.
Pic: Ross Waldron

Dubliners and locals of the area awoke to the shock news that the Poolbeg Chimneys have fallen down overnight.

It is not yet known what led to the destruction of the towers. An ESB investigation team have moved in to ascertain the cause of the iconic chimneys’ demise. Speculation is narrowing around unscheduled maintenance gone wrong, a drone hit, or U2.

One local of Ringsend, who would only gave his name as N Raged, was adamant that the Dublin band were in the area shooting a video at the time, although others have insisted that they were campaigning against the Incinerator and got their co-ordinates incorrect.

Many people will be disappointed this morning at the sad news. There was much support for keeping the towers up despite their decommissioning. Many ideas had been advocated for their regeneration and there is a gathering rumour in the area that it was a deliberate demolition for commercial purposes.

The two Dublin landmarks were a stalwart of the skyline for many decades and will be sorely missed. A local group have already formed for the commemoration of the chimneys. The group have named themselves Tower Love, are already considering a candlelit vigil at the site tonight. They will be led by the Lord Mayor who will not forget his chain once again in case there is a good photo opportunity.

By Ferg Hayden