Culinary Corner: Smooth Summer Sweets

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There is an old saying that goes, “it’s too sweet to be wholesome.” This selection of summer desserts is going to prove that it is possible to have both.

Whether it is for an after-dinner treat or something for the kids to grab from the freezer on a hot day, the following recipe will sort out both conundrums.

For the tropical desert smoothie, pour two breakfast bowls of Tropical Granola into a large measuring jug and add two mini-pots of fromage frais. Add a banana, two kiwis, a handful of milled chia seeds and a drop of milk. The amount of milk used depends on the desired consistency, but less is recommended for the dessert version of the recipe. Blitz with a hand-blender and pour into two dessert glasses. Dress each glass with a strawberry half and serve with a long spoon.

This recipe can be varied to serve another function. Add more milk and serve in a tall glass with a straw for a healthy smoothie. The health-conscious might also want to swap the fromage frais for unsweetened natural yogurt.

As this issue of NewsFour brings us into September, one of these smoothies might just be sweet enough to entice the back-to-school kids away from the chocolate-based cereals.

Another idea would be to pour a fruit version of the mix into ice-pop makers and freeze for a cool snack without all the chemicals. It is a great trick to get in some of the recommended five-a-day.

Chia seeds have great health benefits. They are high in fibre and protein, gluten-free and a source of omega 3. All of the ingredients can be purchased in the local supermarket and are reasonably priced, but be wary, as they may contain nuts.

By Maria Shields O’Kelly

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