Connecting to source

By  Beibhinn Byrne

Photograph Sinead McDonagh: Reiki and Feng Shui Master and Healer.

When I enter Sinead McDonagh’s holistic treatment room on Anglesea Rd, despite it being a freezing cold March morning, it is flooded with light and warmed with the sun. It is instantly relaxing and peaceful.
The room is in her home but is a dedicated space, held apart, strictly for her reiki practice and treatments. A spare, large and clean space. The treatment bed sits in the middle of the room under a large crystal light fixture and there is a shelf with some angel card packs, crystals and candles. The walls are white and huge glass patio doors allow a vista on to the garden whichs forms a natural backdrop to the treatment room.

She invites me to sit in the corner with two comfortable chairs at a round glass coffee table to fill out a form for any details she needs to know. The usual list of any possible health conditions as well as contact details.
She inquires whether or not I’ve ever had reiki before and explains what the treatment is and is not. It is a very gentle energy treatment, Sinead uses her hands over the energetic field of the body (aura) that connects our physical body to our higher bodies that are etheric and non physical.

She can detect any issues in and/or see what needs her tactile communication which then removes blockages and heals emotional and physical issues.

Using her gift she connects with the higher source and invites spiritual healing through specifically invoking higher energies or beings and asking angels and other pure energy to come and assist with clearing and cleansing the body and other parts of our being such as mind and soul. Before we begin she offers me water or a warm, organic herbal tea ahead of the session commencing. I prefer not to drink anything and am keen to get started.

I lie on the treatment couch and close my eyes. Sinead instructs me to just relax, clear my mind and try to not focus on any thoughts that may arise. I find it easy to keep my mind clear and relaxed but others may need to be more aware of their thoughts and bring their minds back to being clear to stay connected with the present moment.
Sinead does not play any music at my treatment and we do not talk. She begins by using her hands a few inches from my body and head and moves around cleansing my immediate energy field.

It feels warm and in some places I can feel a pulsating and in other areas an increased heat. She then begins to concentrate on certain areas – for me my solar plexus (in the front centre of my body) my heart as well as the crown of my head. When she works on my throat and head, at two separate junctures I see colours (an electric blue and a golden yellow) very clearly with my inner eye. They are definite and not connected to thought at all.

I do not share any of this with her during the treatment. She lays her hands on other areas of the body (that later she explains to me are intuitive, that is she works where she feels called to in any session) and often, much to my surprise, I can feel a ripple of inner movement through the tissues and muscles where she works even though she barely touches me, in this case my entire left side throughout my hip and arm.

Exactly the same as when I have had acupuncture, except there are no needles involved this time. I had not expected to experience such a definite material reaction to something so subtle and ephemeral and I’m impressed. I experience some other spiritual visions and sensations during the treatment.

Afterwards Sinead shares with me what she saw and felt treating me. She does this without me saying a word to her about what I saw and felt and what she says matches exactly with what I experienced. She invites me to pick an angel card for a guiding message to meditate on and also gives me a tea to make afterwards.

Afterwards I feel light and refreshed. When I look in the mirror my eyes are very bright and clear and bluer than usual. I feel unburdened and carefree immediately afterwards. Later that day I feel tired and relaxed and make sure I get into bed early as Sinead advised. I sleep extremely deeply.

In the weeks following, events and opportunities just seem to flow seamlessly and I feel very open yet strongly protected. A presence Sinead had specifically called in to do that.
I highly recommend Sinead. Her ability to connect with and facilitate her clients connecting with source is remarkable. Her Reiki treatments are the ultimate energy healing and stress buster. A private reiki treatment is €70 or book three sessions for price of two
Phone: 087 8671843.