BY Kathrin Kobus

Yesterday Science Week began and the abbreviation STEM, standing for science, technology, engineering and maths is frequently being mentioned to engage and encourage studies in those fields beyond gender gaps and to face technological and ecological challenges for the future.

Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) also hopes to incorporate an ‘A’ for arts in it as well to engage with the public. So today premieres a very special piece of art commissioned by the organisation.

Irish poet and playwright Stephen James Smith created a thought- provoking engaging poem “Everything”. According to him: “There’s an increasing appreciation for the role art and STEAM can play in helping people understand science. Climate change is the biggest challenge our generation faces and yet for many people, climate action does not relate to their lives. Everything aims to make science and climate change more personal and relatable for people and I am honoured to have worked with Science Foundation Ireland to create it and I hope people enjoy it.”

The accompanying video produced by Design for Life is available now

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