How to wear the mask:

Since we all probably have to wear a facemask soon, we have to do it properly.

Only FFP2 and FFP3 masks with filter and ventil actually do prevent viral infection. That is why these professional masks are needed as part of PPE for medical personal.

The homemade, self made “community masks” will provide protection for the other person you are in contact with and not for yourself. Therefor the call for wearing of facemasks on public transport or enclosed workspaces – offices.

No matter which mask you put on:

Don’t contaminate the fabric of the mask, neither when putting it on and taking it off again.

Don’t touch the filter bit inside or the outside. Your fingers are close to mouth and nose, exactly at the entry ports for any viruses and germs etc.

The mask must fit skin-tight over mouth and nose.

Don’t pull the mask down with your fingers to have a smoke or sip from tea or coffee.

If the mask gets damp it needs to be replaced immediately.

Handwashing before and after mask set up is necessary.  

Put a used, damp mask in an airtight bag and dispose of properly.

If you want to reuse the mask it needs to go into laundry at temperature 60 degree and above.

Take care and stay safe every one.