The 2 Johnnies are back and wackier than ever!

The 2 Johnnies, courtesy of LH Publicity.

Geneva Pattison

The 2 Johnnies are back with an exciting new show heading for RTE next week. On September 27th at 9:30pm, the comedy duo will be appearing on our TV screens as part of a four part series diving deep into the worlds of Tik Tok, Urban Art, Online Gaming and Niche Sports. Seems like a strange collection of subjects, but lets hear the boys out!

In the show, the lads will travel all around Ireland, visiting experts, stars and some wild characters to learn more about each aspect they’re exploring. At the same time, they’ll be competing in some insane challenges that will be sure to bring the laughs.

The 2 Johnnies will take viewers through the worlds of each topic, de-coding the practices, rituals and skills involved in taking part in each area of interest. They’ll also be getting involved themselves directly, to see if they can actually cut it!

They’ll meet some of the top Irish Tik Tok stars like Lauren Whelan, who has over 118 million views on her Tik Toks. Also, boys will be getting some wise advice from Dublin comedian Killian Sundermann, who’s online antics have gained him millions of views.

In the world of urban art and inspired by the street art they saw on their trip to America, the 2 Johnnies will meet with famous Irish Illustrator Don Conroy, in the hopes they can up their art game enough to help organise a worthy mural in their home county of Tipperary.

Obscure sports will be explored by the pair, as they investigate the fascination bog snorkeling, tug-of-war as an Olympic sport and myriad of other wacky sporting ventures.

But how will they fare in the the online gaming world? In this episode, the two messers will work with top gamers, streamers and twitchers including the Munster Rugby e-sports team (you read correctly!) and compete in online sports tournaments with the help of some real life rugby legends.

The new hillarious show, The 2 Johnnies Take On … is directed by Jason Butler and produced by Straywave Media for RTE.

Don’t miss out this Monday the 27th.

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