Viking Splash set to return!

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Geneva Pattison

Last week, Viking Splash Tours put up a “coming soon” post with a picture of their iconic DUKW (Duck) vehicle on their Facebook page. Commenters were beyond excited at the prospect of the much loved tours returning to Dublin’s streets. For nearly 20 years the tour has brought to life the history of Dublin city in a truly one of a kind way for children and adults alike.

The announcement has come two years after the company faced liquidation in late 2020. Reports at the time said that buyers had expressed interest in the famously unique tour business. Before the pandemic, Viking Splash Tours employed around 30 people, with €284, 000 in profit recorded for 2018. The potential loss of the tour entirely would have been a huge blow to employees, owners and the Irish economy alike.

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Recently, evidence of the Viking Splash’s legacy has resurfaced in the form of a petition, calling for the quirky tour to be made a 24/7 service. The petition, created by Prazskay Papai was first posted two years ago but has been circulating again this year since mid-April. With only 65 signatures and the guaranteed insurance mayhem, it is unlikely to ever come to fruition, but we can dream!

There have been no reports on the sale of the company as of yet. However, people commenting on the announcement post have said numerous times that the company has changed hands. Currently, their website is out of action and until an official statement is released, we cannot know for certain. Will we be screaming at unassuming passersby and office workers on their lunch breaks again? I certainly hope so.

2020 Liquidation news.

Petition to make the Viking Splash 24/7.

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