Have you Claimed your PRSI Dental Entitlements for 2023?

The government covers some dental benefits for PRSI workers under the Treatment Benefit Scheme. Patients who qualify for PRSI dental entitlements can get a dental examination, scale and polish for only €15. Insured workers, the self-employed and retired workers who have the necessary PRSI contributions can qualify for this benefit. Self-employed individuals including small business owners, farmers, tradespeople, freelancers, contractors, and professionals now qualify.

Northumberland Dental Care can help your oral health by providing this service to its patients. A dental spokesperson recommends that everyone avails of their full and free PRSI Dental health check. “This ensures that any possible dental health issues are detected early and appropriate action taken swiftly. Regular check-ups can help to avoid unnecessary pain and minimise unexpected dental costs in the longerterm.”

Dental Exam, Scale and Polish

Qualifying patients can get an annual scale and polish for only €15.

A dental exam, scale and polish are an integral part of good oral health. It’s also your fifirst line of defence against oral health issues. Northumberland Dental Care offers comprehensive dental exams and cleanings to ensure your oral health is in top shape.

At your Exam, scale and polish, your dentist will
• Perform a comprehensive examination
• Thoroughly clean all surfaces of your teeth
• Remove plaque, tartar and stains
• Polish and floss your teeth

Benefits of Exam, Scale and Polish

Regular dental cleanings can help prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. Attending these appointments can also help identify dental problems at their earliest stages when treatment is often less complex and less costly.

In addition to the practical benefifits, a professional dental cleaning delivers a one-ofa-kind feeling that’s impossible to duplicate with routine brushing and flossing. During a professional cleaning, your dentist uses a professional treatment toothbrush and mildly abrasive toothpaste to deliver a deeper clean than
you can achieve at home.

That desirable feeling of freshness that the patient experiences is because of the removal of stubborn
plaque and tartar. When left untouched, plaque can leave a fuzzy substance on the surface of your teeth, while tartar can feel rough and crusty. Both substances can release an odour that makes your breath smell bad.

Northumberland Dental Care can help you establish and maintain a smile that helps you look and feel your best.

Northumberland Dental Care in Ballsbridge provides an annual exam, scale and polish for €15, to those who qualify under the Treatment Benefifit Scheme. To check your 2023 dental entitlements, contact the practice directly on 01 5363974 or info@nidm.ie