DCC Notes

Above: East Link bridge. Photo by William Murphy.

Above: East Link bridge.
Photo by William Murphy.

There was an important committee meeting of Dublin City Council’s (DCC) South East Area constituency on the 8th of February 2016.

Watery matters
The Area Office is reviewing its sandbag policy – making it more effective and user-friendly for preventing future flooding along the sea wall that affects the communities of Sandymount, Irishtown and Ringsend.

The Dodder wall running along Herbert Park is nearing completion, with the removal of the old cast iron railings; and trees have been thinned to increase the connectivity between Herbert Park and its immediate surroundings.

The Area Committee shall write to An Post to facilitate the opening of a post office in Sandymount without delay in response to a proposition made by Councillor Frank Kennedy.

Councillor Mannix Flynn asked the Manager of DCC to issue a full report on the conditions of social housing in the Dublin South East Area, particularly in regards to damp conditions and overcrowding. DCC responded that there are 3,500 Council properties in the South East Area and 75% of these are flats and senior citizens’ accommodation. Over the past number of years, refurbishments were carried out on several complexes and these works are ongoing and are investigated by maintenance engineers.

Councillor Flynn also asked for a full report in regards to the monies spent and taken by the East Link Toll Bridge. He also asked about the legal grounds DCC has to continue the toll on this bridge. DCC replied that all monies from the tolls are assigned to Dublin City Council. The East Link Toll Bridge is 100% owned by Dublin City Council.

Left: Ailesbury Road. Photo courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

Left: Ailesbury Road.
Photo courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

Several Councillors including Paddy McCartan, Claire Byrne and former Councillor (now TD) Kate O’Connell brought up the issue of sewage pipes leaking after a build-up of floodwater, affecting Merlyn Park and the Spanish Embassy side of Ailesbury Road. DCC responded that gullies have been built and a special valve installed to prevent the return of flood water up through the sewage system at the junction on Ailesbury Road and to prevent access water at the ground floor toilets in Merlyn Park.

DCC also responded to Councillor Byrne’s call to deal with the flooding at Belmont Villas, that the sewers have been checked, maintained and are deemed to be in order.

DCC responded that any problems to the rear of the houses would be the responsibility of the householder.

Roads and Repairs
Councillor Frank Kennedy sought a resolution to the ongoing issue of parking on the Strand Road between Sydney Parade Avenue to Merrion Gates, calling for the yellow lines to be extended from the entrance/exit of Merrion Strand onto the Strand Road. All of this is in accordance with preventing serious accidents and increasing the visibility needed for oncoming traffic. In response, DCC have stated that the matter has been referred to the Traffic Advisory Group for further examination.

Councillor Paddy McCartan also brought the problem of trucks driving down Londonbridge Road at night to the attention of the Council. The issue on traffic limitations and vehicle restrictions was discussed with regards to seeking Garda enforcement of the three-tonne weight limit on Londonbridge and Bath Avenue. This has been causing noise disruption for local residents. DCC have signs out at both entry points to Bath Avenue at the junctions of Shelbourne Road and Tritonville Road. The issue has also been brought to the attention of the Gardaí.

On a similar note, Councillor Dermot Lacey requested for the manager to outline the permitted routes and restrictions for five-axle vehicles that access the area of Ailesbury Road, Merrion Road and Merrion Gates. There is a HGV ban on five+ axle vehicles during the hours of 7am to 7pm seven days a week from the designated cordon area. They are not allowed to enter this area unless they have a valid permit. Local statutory signs on all roads with HGV cordon must be upheld.

Councillor Kennedy also brought up the issue of the footpaths along the Sandymount Martello Tower, saying that he had raised the issue at a previous SEAC meeting in June 2015, and that the work had still not been dealt with. He also asked the area manager to repair several large and hazardous potholes on Ailesbury Road, particularly the one approaching Donnybrook Catholic Church and concerning the broken-up and damaged speed ramp at the intersection of Ailesbury and Shrewsbury Roads.

Councillor Lacey also proposed that the footpath between Nutley Lane and Tesco’s shop in Ballsbridge, at the entrance to St. Michael’s College be resurfaced and smoothed to prevent further injuries and accidents. DCC responded that all these repairs will be added to the works programme of 2016 which is ongoing.

Compiled by Robert Fullarton