Ask your Local Representative

Your invitation to meet

Do you live in Ringsend or Irishtown? Do you have a burning question about your local area that you want to ask an elected representative?

If it’s not rude, then you may still have time to get it to the Ringsend Community Services Forum in advance of this Thursday’s meeting. If not, then you can certainly go along to the meeting anyway, and take part in the questions and answers session.

The gathering will take place in Ringsend College from 7pm and among those expected to be in attendance are councillors Frank Kennedy, Dermot Lacey, Sonya Stapleton, Claire Byrne, Jim O’Callaghan, Paddy McCartan and Chris Andrews. Among the topics to be discussed are the Strategic Development Zone and anti social behaviour in and around Ringsend Park.

By Paul O’Rourke