Pet safety this Halloween

Ghost Dogs courtesy of Pixabay

Geneva Pattison

This year will be a very different and somewhat quiet Halloween for all. Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that there are still certain seasonal triggers that can affect even the bravest of family pets. There may be less people, ghouls and goblins roaming the streets during lockdown, but Halloween is usually a difficult period for most four legged companions. Noisy decorations, strange masks and the usual culprit, fireworks, can all still cause cats and dogs distress.

To help us to keep our furry friends calm, Petmania have shared their top ten tips to consider when caring for pets this Halloween. Read on to find out more.

  1. Even though there will be less trick-or-treaters ringing doorbells, your pet will still be able to hear any fireworks going off outside. If you find your pet getting nervous, create a safe haven for them by putting a comfy bed inside a crate, covered by a blanket.
  2. Ingesting chocolate or sweets poses a real danger to pets and can even be fatal. Keep all sweets out of reach of pets. 
  3. Treat Puzzles can help keep your animal’s mind off any outside disturbances. You can make a DIY treat puzzle by flipping a muffin tray upside down and spreading their favourite dry treats around the crevasses.
  4. Costumes for pets can be fun for everyone, bar the animal themselves. Make sure your pet is completely comfortable wearing any costumes you may have for them.
  5. Keep your pets indoors as soon as it’s dark. Let them out plenty of times during the day, to make sure they’re ready to settle in come nightfall.  
  6. Consider getting a Karma wrap. These are calming coats for dogs that hug them and help them relax.
  7. Any unsteady candles or lanterns can be knocked over by pets. Make sure any fire hazards are secure and out of reach, or use battery powered options. 
  8. Use reflective collars and coats, if you do take your dog for a late walk. 
  9. If you need extra help calming your pet at night, try pheromone diffusers. Some brands available include Pet Remedy, Adaptil or Feliway. 
  10. Check your pet’s ID tags are correct and secure on their collar in case they get scared and run away. Along with having your pet micro-chipped, this is the best way for them to find their way back to you if they get lost.

Although we are socially distant, let’s all have a spooky and safe Halloween, pets included.

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