Compiled by David Prendeville


Councillors Tara Deacy and Deirdre Conroy put forward the motion that the committee support an urgent investigation regarding the speed and behaviour of traffic on the stretch of the lower Crumlin Road between Sundrive Road and the Grand Canal (Dolphin’s Barn Bridge/Parnell Road) and that action be taken to address the ongoing serious concerns of residents and children/young people using the various facilities in this area.

Councillor Dermot Lacey put forward the motion that the Committee requests a report on what measures can be taken to install safe cycling along the Merrion Road particularly the stretch from Ailesbury Road to Booterstown to connect with the works being undertaken by Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council.

Councillor Paddy McCartan asked if DCC could fill in the pot holes on Sydney Parade Avenue Sandymount from the Strand Road to the entrance to St Alban’s Park as they are a danger to cyclists and troublesome to motorists and cars. The manager said they had been added to the Works List for repairs to be carried out.

Councillor Dermot Lacey asked the Manager if he could respond to three issues relating to Leahy’s Terrace, Sandymount: 1. That the road, which has a primary school located on it, has recently become a rat run for cars avoiding the new ramps on Strand Road and leading to congestion and risk to school kids. 2. That there have been a number of large potholes in this road now for over a year. 3. That the footpaths are in a very dangerous state for pedestrians particularly the elderly, as a number of people have fallen there in recent months – this being due to the footpath moving from tree roots’ expansion which give rise to serious trip issues when the footpath slabs move differentially. The manager responded that there are appropriate traffic calming measures in place on Leahy’s Terrace to ensure the health and safety of children. There are two speed ramps on the eastern part of Leahy’s Terrace, and the western part is also naturally traffic-calmed with the provision of on-street parking on both sides of the road. The road and footpaths on Leahy’s Terrace have been inspected and issues noted have been added to the Works List for repairs to be carried out. The trees on Leahy’s Terrace will be inspected in the coming weeks and any works deemed necessary will be listed for consideration in the tree care programme for the area. Parks will liaise with the Roads Maintenance Section to request footpath repairs.

Councillor Claire Byrne asked the Area Manager if he can investigate the construction work on Clanwilliam Terrace in Grand Canal Dock. Fencing has been placed out over the road impeding on the cycle route. This is right at the end of the Grand Canal cycle route where it meets Grand Canal Dock and it is no longer possible for two cyclists to pass each other. The manager replied that Dublin City Council issued a Hoarding Licence to MB McNamara Construction Co. for a development at Grand Canal Quay (official name of Clanwilliam Terrace) for the period 1st March to 31st August. The developers plan to be onsite for 22 months. The Roadworks Control Inspector who authorised the licence is currently dealing with the developer to ensure that the cycle track continues safely and remains unimpeded.


Councillor Tara Deacy put forward the motion that the committee agree to establish a strategic working group to assist in the coordination of the Ukrainian response in the southeast area. This group could include representation from the community, voluntary and statutory sectors and include reps from local schools, children and young people services committee, local drugs task force etc.

Councillor Anne Feeney put forward the motion that the committee calls on the council to provide adequate and meaningful consultation to traders, resident representative groups, schools and public representatives in relation to future significant changes to road usage i.e. new safe cycle-ways; new bus lanes; changes to sequencing of traffic lights, etc.

Councillor Claire Byrne put forward the motion that the Area Committee calls on the Area Manager to introduce more regular cleaning of the Millennium and Rosie Hackett bridges to remove graffiti and stickers.

Councillor Danny Byrne put forward the motion that the area committee agree that they request the chief executive to suspend parking charges for people who are charging electric cars.

Cllr Paddy McCartan asked the manager to deal with an issue from a constituent regarding the condition of the road leading up to the South Wall at Poolbeg and the poor state of repair, with a large amount of potholes potentially dangerous to motorists, cyclists and walkers alike. The manager responded saying that the section of Pigeon House Road, leading up to the South Wall at Poolbeg is not charged to Road Maintenance Services. This section of roadway is the responsibility of the ESB. The issues about the condition of the roadway have been passed to the ESB for follow up.

Cllr Paddy McCartan asked the manager to have the graffiti removed from Donnybrook Road adjacent to Old Wesley. The manager said that arrangements had been made to do so.

Councillor Mannix Flynn asked if the manager could have a full evaluation for emergency vehicle access into Dublin city council social housing flat complexes. He cited a recent fire in Glovers Court, where the fire tender could not get the vehicle

into the flats because of cars parked at the entrance. He said it is high time that DCC
began to address this issue of parking in social housing estates and flats. The manager said that Dublin City Council will examine this issue and arrange double yellow lines at any appropriate pinch points.

Councillor Claire Byrne asked the Area Manager for a full list of properties in the South East area that have been proposed to facilitate Ukrainian refugees arriving in Ireland. The manager said that a list of 11 large properties were discussed with representatives from the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth. Of these properties three are in the South East Area but not in the ownership of Dublin City Council.

Councillor Danny Byrne asked the manager how often the liaison officer visits to ascertain the welfare of the residents in Cambridge Court, Ringsend, to which he replied Cambridge Court is visited by the liaison officer approximately three times a week.