O (Crochet) Christmas Trees

Of all the trees how lovely

By Louise Whelan

For the past few months the crocheters and knitters throughout the community, both home and abroad have come together to crochet two Christmas trees which will be attached to large metal tree frames, (estimated at 8 or 9 feet) as a community project for Ringsend, Irishtown and the South Lotts area.  Each pattern of granny squares that make up the trees measures 6”x 6”and are made with double knit acrylic wool and a 4.5 mm crochet hook.  They are also sustainable, tough and durable so they should withstand any type of weather once secured in place.

Lots of different designs were created so when all squares join together, they will produce a very colourful, beautiful, large festive public art installation for the whole community to enjoy. South Lotts will have the first unveiling on December 3rd at 3pm at the playground with refreshments afterwards and then Irishtown on December 9th at 2pm. 

The idea was sparked from the Cara Ladies Club by members, Carol O’Neil Dunne, Rosemary Phipps, Anita Dunphy and Marian Finn and as the word got around, more groups got involved, more people joined up and a great cross community initiative was built.

The trees will also be a tribute for all the members of our community who have passed away so it’s a very special way to honour their lives and all the contributions they made to the world around them and how much they are missed, loved and never forgotten. 

Hundreds of hours of people’s time, energy, commitment and love has gone into this project and not only has it brought people together, but creating this art is one amazing way of building up so much team spirit and a great opportunity to meet new people. 

Initially the group had been meeting up once a week in the Ringsend and Irishtown Community Centre, but then moved to a space provided by the Shelbourne Residents Association. These meetings were to chat about ideas and formulate plans while crocheting the squares, while also learning from each other, teaching each other and being surrounded by like-minded people had a positive effect on everyone who found an outlet to be creative.

So make sure you get down to the launch of the Christmas trees as it will be a very special unique event for the community and well done to everybody involved in the process. 

The project is sponsored by Google, Cara Club, Ringsend and Irishtown TidyTowns and Environment (RITE) and Shelbourne Park Residents.  Special mention to Raytowns Men’s Sheds and Anne-Marie Whelehan for all the marvellous help.