Invitation to Membership of the Dublin Waste to Energy Community Gain Liaison Committee

Nominations are invited for the position of Community Representative on the Dublin Waste to Energy Community Gain Liaison Committee to represent the interests of the following sectors:

  • Community, Residents Association and Voluntary Sector
  • Arts, Culture, Education, Environment and Sports Sector
  • Business, Social Enterprise, Health and Social Care and Charity Sector

There are 3 Community Representative positions available, one for each of the above sectors.  The nominees should be representative of one of these sectors but will represent all of them on the Committee.

The role of the Community Representative is:

  • To be responsible for the management and administration of the Dublin Waste to Energy Community Gain Fund.
  • To decide on projects to be supported by the Community Gain Fund that will enhance the local area of Irishtown, Ringsend and Sandymount and directly benefit the people within those areas.
  • To foster ongoing open and transparent communication between the Committee, Dublin Waste to Energy Ltd. and the local community.  
  • To represent the interests of the local community, deliver feedback and raise issues of relevance to the Committee.
  • To provide the Committee with local knowledge and to disseminate information on behalf of the Committee.

Eligible clubs/groups/associations and organisations representing these sectors in the Irishtown, Ringsend and Sandymount catchment area are invited to submit an application form nominating a representative for consideration. 

Full details and nomination forms are available by e-mailing

The closing date for nominations is the 10th May 2024.