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  • DCC stick with RoundUp despite US court findings
    DCC stick with RoundUp despite US court findings
    August 21, 2018 by
    By Paul Carton  In light of the recent ruling by a California judge who found Monsanto’s weedkiller Roundup, responsible for causing cancer in school groundskeeper Dewayne ‘Lee’  Johnson, the Dublin City Council (DCC) have informed NewsFour that it will continue […]...
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  • Big day out in Donnybrook
    Big day out in Donnybrook
    By Eoin Meegan At one time, the small hamlet of Donnybrook was known for the infamous Donnybrook Fair, where all kinds of shenanigans took place, with riotous behaviour and partying late into the night. Eventually, the good denizens of Donnybrook...
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  • Poems in the park
    Poems in the park
    By Kathrin Kobus     To celebrate Yeats’s birthday on June 13th there will be a poetry recital on Sandymount Green. The focus this year is on Lady Gregory’s son Robert on the centenary of his passing. This is the...
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Memory Lane

  • 125 years of the Girls Brigade
    125 years of the Girls Brigade
    By Kathrin Kobus Step and curtsy, lift and curtsy, on your toes, prepare, prepare and skip.” These are just some of the instructions Sharon Kinsella calls out on a Thursday afternoon to the group of girls from the 11th Company...
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Food & Wine

  • The Culinary Corner
    The Culinary Corner
    By The SuperNatural Food Market Summer’s in full swing and it’s time to let the sun in whether it is shining or not! It is a blissful seasonal treat to indulge in the light floral flavours that come into abundance...
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