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  • The Importance of Stillness
    The Importance of Stillness
    Over the last few years I have been slowly learning the immense value of being quiet! Pausing my life, slowing down, looking inside, exploring and really connecting to my thoughts. Sometimes this was scary and incredibly painful, but the more...
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Memory Lane

  • Paddy Moore: The Natural
    Paddy Moore: The Natural
    Paddy Moore was born in 1909, and though he was from the north side of the Liffey he was a hero in Ringsend. He was reared near Croke Park and played Gaelic at school but from the start he excelled...
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  • Oh Bugger, it’s the Rugger!
    Oh Bugger, it’s the Rugger!
    This September sees the return of the Rugby World Cup. Excited? Didn’t think so. The globe’s premier egg-ball tournament takes place in the backyard of our favourite imperial neighbours, with Ireland kicking off their campaign on September 19th...
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  • Railway sports update
    Railway sports update
    Railway Union Duo bid farewell from International Hockey after distinguished careers. In the space of a few days – following their exit from World League 3, played in Valencia Spain in June, where the Ireland Women’s Hockey team came so...
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Food & Wine

  • Culinary Corner: Smooth Summer Sweets
    Culinary Corner: Smooth Summer Sweets
    There is an old saying that goes, “it’s too sweet to be wholesome.” This selection of summer desserts is going to prove that it is possible to have both. Whether it is for an after-dinner treat or something for the...
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