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  • The Bath Pub Charity Cycle
    The Bath Pub Charity Cycle
    By Eoin Meegan Not since the famed summer of 1976 has Ireland enjoyed such welcoming sunshine and pleasant weather. Your first preference might be to cool down in the pool, grab yourself a tall ice cream, or a cold drink from...
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  • Station to station – an art odyssey
    Station to station – an art odyssey
    By Eoin Meegan Joan Keogh is an artist of high standing and a long-time D4 resident. She recalls how at one time she would travel each summer from her home in Sandymount to Connemara and the West of Ireland for...
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Memory Lane

  • The great Alexander Stevenson
    The great Alexander Stevenson
    By Gavan Bergin Alexander Stevenson was born in Dublin in 1912 and grew up in the East Wall area. He was a brilliant footballer as a boy and by the time he was eighteen years old he had become an...
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  • Self-driving bus...are we there yet?
    Self-driving bus…are we there yet?
    By Paul Carton  Your adventure awaits at the convention centre next weekend with the Easymile EZ10, the shuttle bus with a mind of its own, that wants to carry you and 14 other willing participants for a ride...
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  • UEFA Announce Euro 2020 Aviva Dates
    UEFA Announce Euro 2020 Aviva Dates
    By David Prendeville UEFA have officially announced the dates for June 2020 in which the Aviva Stadium will play host to the European Championships. The Dublin 4 arena was one of 12 venues chosen for the major international...
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Food & Wine

  • Bread41: Under the bridge downtown
    Bread41: Under the bridge downtown
    By Paul Carton  Opening this Friday at number 41 Pearse St is a bakery-eatery selling fresh long-fermented sourdough, pizzas, pickles and the latest food trend; fermentables kimchi and kombucha. Before I was able to ask Bread41 co-owner Eoin Cluskey on...
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